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Clara Mur, Illustrator, Printmaker and letters lover. 

Born in Barcelona, jumping from the city to the islands and forth, Clara spends her time and work producing limited edition silkscreen. In addition to lettering, drawing direct screen printing and creating A Go-Go Prints, she is the driver of her most ambitions project, Zas Print Market, the first graphic art market in Minorca. 

At A Go-Go Prints, Clara Mur goes for limited edition prints on paper and fabric directly drawing on the screen. Considering traditional photographic silkscreen is hard to be worked from home, she decided to let loose her creativity with the direct drawing on screen technique. That way a unique and unrepeatable piece is given as a result. Clara teaches this unexplored technique in various workshops allover Barcelona.

This is a place for print. All the prints here have just one thing in common, ther are all unique and limited edition. 

Made with love in Barcelona.